As usual there have been tons of changes, fixes and updates on the game since the last issue. Here's some of the major items:

    • New: Tomb & Majick

    • Changed: Harbour, Tower, IceCave, Labyrinth

    • Coming Soon: Jigsaw, and several other quests are in the pipeline

  • More interactivity in the Taverns, including hints and gossip which make bars a rich source of game hints and lore and legend about the lands of TF.

  • Improvements in mini-quests, value of objects and size allowances increased, more armour, weapons and other useful items have been added.

  • New utility menu upon entry (see who's on, get mail, change player properties, etc.) - available in game with "configure" command.

  • Some mobiles have become immune to normal weapons and can only be slain using enchanted weapons or majickal skill!

  • The new level of WANDERER has been added to help make more of the game available to those who are unable to commit a great deal of time to playing the game, read INFO WANDERER for details about this level.

  • READ command contains several stories about TerraFirmA readable from within the game.

  • Numerous code fixes to hopefully make the game more stable.

  • Fixing bugs, correcting errors (as usual)!

Since it isn't practical to list every new feature in detail here, remember that you can get details about new game features using INFO NEWSTUFF, INFO WORKDONE, and if you are an Untouchable: INFO NEWUTSTUFF.


Since the last issue, Galena has joined the Clave as Counsel and there have been several promotions: SickBoy to Master; Flea, Robert and Dale to Stalwart; and Gly from Honorary to Elder. Also we've had lots of people who have made it to the Conclave level - Qwerty, Twiglet, Rowena, Shannow, Aeila, and Mystique.

Congrats to all! If I missed anyone just let me know and I'll include you in the next issue.


Game Help files are now available on the Web Site, and improvements on cross-linking INFO and HELP files on the web are ongoing. Also, check out the many new meet photos from the summer!