Tales of Terra


This issue's contribution to Tales of Terra is based on the song "The Mayor of Candor Lied" by Harry Chapin.

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In the little town of Hamelin
In the last year of my youth
I learned a final lesson
Of the levels to the truth.

My father was a farmer
He'd go tilling in the ground.
My mother was a neighbor
She'd go visiting around.

But I didn't care,
For I had found the answer
To a plowboy's lonely prayer.
She was the daughter of the mayor.

The Mayor fought my courtship
For he'd made other plans.
He saw her married to a better man
Than a boy with farmer's hands.

I said, "I hate your father.
It's so hard not to strike him!"
She said, "You know I love you,
Because you're so much like him."

And so I'd go sneaking in the evening,
And there she'd stand a'crying in the
Dawn as I was leaving...

The Mayor of Hamelin lied
When he offered me his only daughter.
The Mayor of Hamelin tried
To take her off across the waters.

What a thing to do to a young man in love
And what a thing to do to your daughter.

One day with father on his tractor,
And mother off again.
I go to find the Mayor
To work out what I can.

He is not at his office
He is not at his home.
When I find him in the countryside
He is not alone.

He's holding a woman
And imagine my surprise,
As she jumps back from his arms
I look into my mother's eyes!
(The mayor of Hamelin lied!)

All my thoughts of outrage, embarrassment and pain
Were washed away by what then went roaring through my brain.
The mayor is at my mercy and I hear my own voice say
"Your run for re-election sir is one month away."

"The world will never know of what I've seen here sir,
But I'll be with your daughter, is my meaning clear, SIR?"