The big news right now is TerraFirmA's move to a new server. A lot of work has gone into ensuring that the transition goes as smoothly as possible. The move to a different server, however, does not mean that TerraFirmA's ADDRESS is changing... the address ( will remain the same but will take just a few days to update itself across the net to point to the new server instead of the old one. If you find yourself unable to connect to the game you can use the address temporarily). With the move, TF also progresses to TerraAdventure version 4.2.

We look forward to our stay at our new home with MUDzone!

Another exciting achievement was being voted #4 in the MUD Journal's Top Ten polls for the month of November. Thanks everybody for voting for us and supporting your favorite MUD!

Here is a rundown of the latest and greatest achievements brought to you by the Terra Admin team:


    • Jigsaw - In the forest north of Hamelin, Retrieve Catherine's jigsaw pieces and assemble the jigsaw. (Written by Dale and Robert, Scripted by Robert)

    • Whale - Find the ancient book of dark majick, The Grzdhsh, and return it to the Hamelin library for safekeeping. (Written by Dale, Scripted by Dale)

  • Look for the new travelling caravan - as it moves around the wilds of Terra, the caravan provides a place for adventurers to rest, repair, buy and sell. Stop awhile and have your fortune read!

  • The Smiths' demands to be the sole repairers of travellers' equipment have been met. You are no longer able to REPAIR in stores. However, look for several new Smiths who have recently entered the trade.

  • The Mage, as well as his new counterpart, the Sage, have taken themselves out of the merchant business and are now offering magickal supplies and services only.

  • Plus... See INFO PAGER for more information about the expanded paging options within the game... and look for some re-organization of INFO files like INFO MAJICK to hopefully make them easier to read and understand.

  • UNTOUCHABLES: please note new commands, bug fixes, and other new features mentioned in INFO NEWUTSTUFF.

Remember that you can get details about new game features using INFO NEWSTUFF, INFO WORKDONE, and if you are an Untouchable: INFO NEWUTSTUFF.


The first promotion to mention is the "final" promotion recently received by Cyn to the position of Creator! A big congratulations for this much-deserved promo, and our thanks and appreciation for all her hard work and leadership in bringing TerraFirmA to where it is today.

Congrats to Philbert and Scooby who have now joined the ranks of the Conclave. In the Court, BabyGirl, Lister, Firefly and Bambi have all received promotions, while in the Clave Robert and Dale have moved to head Stalwart positions. Thank you to everyone for their hard work and ongoing efforts!


The web site has made the move to the new server as well, along with the game. Feel free to report anything you find that is not working as it should! More link program rewards were given out recently and we have had several more people signing up. If you have a web page, be sure to check it out! There is also a new Tester's Web Board in the conclave area and improvements to INFO and HELP files on the web are ongoing.