WHY 2 K?

Time keeps on slipping slipping slipping, into the future..... Here are ten good effects of the Y2K Bug that you may not have thought about!...

  1. Those who got rich in jobs fixing the Y2K bug can lay back, relax and spend all their cold hard cash while they laugh at the rest of us.

  2. They might FINALLY stop playing Prince's 1999 after January 1st....

  3. No electricity, no lights, no motorcars... not a single luxury. Back to the "good old days"!

  4. You'll finally be forced to clean out that refrigerator after you run out of food and there's none to be had at the stores.

  5. All those old cheques with 19-- printed on them?: a plentiful supply of notepads!

  6. You know all the lyrics to that REM song by heart anyways... now you can run around the streets singing it with glee: "It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine....!"

  7. You'll get good use out of that "Y2K Bunker" that you built in the basement... What, you didn't build a bunker???! PANIC NOW

  8. The fireworks at midnight on New Year's Eve will shine ever more brightly with all the power and lights out!

  9. You'll be so bored without electricity, you'll finally have time to finish that game of Monopoly that you started playing in 1979.

  10. You just might be broken of your Internet addiction after the power is out for three months.