LAST FreeWheeling
Twas the night before Christmas,
Not a Moses to be found.
The snow falling lightly
All over Hamelin Town.

When all of a sudden
Not as quiet as a mouse.
The Dragon flew over
The roof of every house.

It was searching and seeking
Everywhere it could find.
The inhabitants of Terra
Were in quite a bind.

The Santa of Terra
Was not to be seen
Though bunches of mobiles
Gathered on the Village Green

Their hopes were lost
With the passing of time.
With no jingle bells,
No melodious chime.

Could it be what had happened
Was what they had feared?
The Santa of Terra had
Somehow disappeared!

One after another
They let out a sigh
With half-hopeful faces
Still turned towards the sky

Then what to their wondering eyes should appear,
But an ascii-drawn sleigh with tiny e-reindeer?
Santa had made it!
They let out a cheer

And there in the Green
Their joy was not abated,
With singing and dancing
All night they celebrated.

A time of renewal
A time to begin.
To embrace what is,
And what has been.

In the Year 2000
In this time of rebirth,
Happy Holidays to all...
And Peace on Earth.