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The zGates Project

In November of 1999, Microsoft, a somewhat visible corporation, learned how AT&T felt during 1984. The Question Is... What's Next?                                

Blue Mountain Holiday Greetings

Wish someone the best of the season with the venerable queen of e-card sites, Blue Mountain! There are all sorts of holiday cards available to send -- from Christmas themes (dogs, angels, poetry), to interfaith and New Year's and Y2K cards -- and all for free!                

How Christmas Works

Geared towards kids but fun for adults as well, the How Christmas Works section of the How Stuff Works site explains the reasons behind many of the holiday traditions we have today!                

Ben & Jerry's Winter Holiday Page

Information and fun links about Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah and the Winter Solstice.                                                

Countdown 2000 - Your Guide To The Millenium!

Celebrations, Travel, Doomsday, Anno Domini, Shop and Fun.                                                                                


The monthly contest for the stupidest thing said about the Year 2000 problem. Don't miss "Y2k Pranks for the Bored and Easily Amused"!                                                

Snowball Fight!

Download this windows program and have a snowball fight! (1 MB)