23rd Edition

Happy summer everybody. This is the 23rd Edition of FreeWheeling, our Terra e-zine/webzine that has been published for almost five years (!) now. I have been an editor or co-editor of FW for about 3 1/2 of those years - but at this time I am announcing that from now on I'll be able to publish FW less often. The time I spend putting together the news, content and pages for each issue is too much for me to now meet regularly every two months, due to both my duties as webmaster of the growing TF web site and changes in my life and lifestyle. I am setting a goal of a minimum two issues per year (ie: a winter and a summer issue) but will publish additional issues as time allows. For communication purposes, however, you'll still receive game news updates via e-mail through your FW subscription.

- BabyGirl

To see the Summer Sky
Is Poetry, though never in a Book it lie--
True Poems flee
~Emily Dickinson


Game News

Some of the recently added major new features on the game:

  • Riding animals -
    You'll find several animals around the game world that can now be ridden! The big benefits of having a riding animal are being able to store additional inventory in its saddlebags (if it has them) and their ability to aid you in a fight. Commands used with riding animals are: MOUNT, DISMOUNT, TETHER, UNTETHER (see "help <command>" in the game for more information on using these commands)
  • New Quests -
    • Mine: The miners are having problems at the Mine. A few have been killed, many have gone missing. Can you help rid them of their problem?
    • Ythcaren: The quest forms part of the Dark Realms or UnderEarth of TerraFirmA. Watch out for more quests as this area expands.
  • Search info files -
    There is a new command, FIND, which you can use to search for words in TerraFirmA's INFO files. Really useful when you're looking for information about something but don't know or can't quite remember where to find it!
  • "Behind the Scenes" -
    A lot of work has been going into converting all our puzzles and quests to the new TerraScript system. As well, the coders have been working on fixing bugs, especially elusive corruptions that can crash the game.
  • Coming Soon -
    Several new quests are coming soon! Including: Vortex, Nightmare, Princess, Kraken and Hell. Additionally, poison and disease will invade the world of Terra!

Player News

Congratulations to Firefly on her well-earned promotion to the rank of Lady. Joining the ranks of Apprentice and the Conclave since the last issue were Muggins (finally!?) and Cirdan.

Web News

Lots has been going on at the TF Web Site. The major recent change was an updated, new look for the front pages! This includes a main page with a random "Terra Image" each time you load the page.

Another exciting new feature is the web "who" readout - click on the link for "Who's On?" and you'll receive a real-time WHO list from the game. Also, a " What's New" feature has been added to the search engine. This feature will list the latest 100 modified pages at the site by time and date.

There is also now a "1-step" process for the Link Program making it easier than ever to sign up! The Link Program page also now dynamically helps you out with the proper HTML code you'll need to put in your page(s). The TF site now also has "Custom" Error Pages and reporting. Instead of getting that ugly, boring "404 Not Found" page in case of a broken link, you'll get a pleasant-looking and hopefully helpful error message page instead! Additionally, though we hope of course that you don't run INTO not found links, the errors are reported to a central location so the web administrator can continually monitor and update the site to keep it in peak condition!

Look for some updated Untouchable pages in the meet area, as well as more Web Site awards under Kudos. We are now affiliated with the new sites Mudcenter (at and The Top Mud Sites (at Vote for us as a Top Mud Site by clicking on the link on the main pages!

Coming soon: we hope to offer you a FREE Terra Web E-mail service!


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