24th Edition

Welcome to the 24th Edition of FreeWheeling, TerraFirmA's E-zine. My apologies for the lateness of this issue - I have all sorts of "excuses" I keep using like buying my first house, moving, getting married etc. but none of them should be good enough for waiting so long to publish :-) For which I am sorry. This issue presents our 5th annual tradition of FW Valentine's messages, the first round of which was in the Feb 1996 issue (which, incidentally, you can download at the FW Archive!). They have been lots of fun over the years. There's also exciting news about what's been going on with the game, so be sure to read below!

- BabyGirl

Several Anonymous Valentine Donors


Game News

Happy FIFTH ANNIVERSARY to TerraFirmA, celebrating its fifth year of existence on February 10th 2001! You can read more details about TF's history in the Guide Section of the web site.

In other exciting news, TerraFirmA was the featured MUD in a two-part January article appearing in the British magazine PC Ace! These articles introduced readers to MUDs by guiding them through connecting to and getting started playing the game on TerraFirmA. We welcome any of our new players from PC Ace and know that everyone else will show the friendly side of our game by helping them get acquainted with it. You can download and read both articles in PDF format at the web site's "Kudos - Achievements" section.

Some of the new quests and major new features which have been added to the game since the last issue include:

  • New Quests - Our team has been working at a feverish pace, bringing new adventures into the world of Terra at a quick rate. New quests appearing since the last issue are:

    • Vortex - A powerful being has taken a threatening place in the hearts of the people of Visionar, the homeplace of The Dreamer, who now stands day and night staring sadly across the ocean waiting for someone to give him sympathy and go where he is cursed not to return.
    • Nightmare - Have you ever been emotionally shaken after a bad dream? Well The Dreamer's son is in an even worse state. He is having one terrible Nightmare after another, and needs someone to get rid of them for him. Only the fearless will prevail.
    • Grimoire - Can you penetrate the ruined tower and locate the evil Grimoire, a book of untold power that has lain lost for millennia?
    • Hell - S. O. S. takes on a new meaning in another new challenge. Can you invade hell to rescue the lost soul and still keep yours intact?
    • Also, try out the new improved Citadel Quest!

  • Beware of the effects of poison or disease! If you meet the wrong sort of evil character you may suffer from either of these gruesome ills, and the effects may be fatal.

  • Tournaments now feature full access to the game spellbook. Watch out for those lightning bolts and curse spells!

  • Mobile food stalls are now available for when you need food and you need it fast.

  • You may have noticed the new Terms Of Use for the game when logging in. To read these Terms again type INFO TERMSOFUSE in the game.

  • Improved INFO files complete with a category index to help finding that critical information you need.

  • The size and value commands have been combined for easier reference.

  • The taverns in Beilefeld and The Village have been refurbished.

  • The latest version of TF will automatically tell you which boards have been posted to since your last visit, so you know which ones to check!

  • Coming Soon - The completion of an exciting new commerce system in which you may particularly be held responsible for your fashion sense!

Player News

Congrats to all those earning promotions since the last issue. Bambi has been promoted to the distinguished position of Lady. In the Clave, Dale has achieved the rank of Master, Cub and Bey were elevated to Stalwart positions, and Furball has become a Counsel. Also, Theo has joined the ranks of the Conclave. A Terra Wedding! Congratulations to all.

In real life Player News, a "Terra Wedding" took place on August 11, 2000 as BabyGirl and Muggins tied the knot. The ceremony took place outdoors on a ranch near Denver, Colorado. A happy ending to a Terra-born relationship!

Web News

Your very own, free TerraFirmA Web Mail e-mail address is waiting for you! We at TF are now pleased to offer free Web Mail to our users. You can also win a prize for signing up! Find out more details and sign up by going to our new Web Mail section at

Please Note: If you find your game's character name seems to be taken at the Web Mail area please notify The name may have been reserved, but it if is found to have been taken by someone else unfairly, we will try to resolve the matter with the persons involved. Untouchables - all Untouchable character names have been reserved as a precaution - please mail to have your name unreserved so you can set up your account.

Anakin has set up a community for TF players called "TerraFirmA Anonymous" which can be found at In Anakin's words:

Per an admonishment from members of the administration, the site is not intended to be for discussing strategy or hints about the quests on here but rather a place to share our other interests.

I have decided that the site will remain up for a 12 week trial period. If at the end of that time it has not generated sufficient interest, or I have been instructed by the UTs to take it down, it shall be removed.
The community is free to join and includes fun stuff like a photo album, link lists, discussions, and file sharing, so give it a try!

In other Web News, you can now Subscribe and Un-Subscribe to the FreeWheeling mailing list automatically. Subscribers receive summary announcements as issues are published, along with occasional urgent game news or updates. Should you no longer wish to be on the list you can use the form you'll now find in the FreeWheeling section.

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