What's New

Where do we begin? There have been a number of changes since the last edition. Well, no time like the present...

Game News

The game is now running version 4.8. The Court, Clave and Conclave have been quite busy since the last edition. There is a new quest out, the new commerce system is being refined and there are a heap of new mobiles for you to interact with.

New Quest - Sewer

As part of his plot to turn Visionar into a realm of chaos, the Dreamkeeper has sent a family of demons into the sewer to destroy all life that ventures down below the Town Square. Within a few hours, the demons will have had time to grow, and will emerge from the sewer and rampage throughout the city, tearing it to shreds. This threat must be eradicated.

Commerce System

Have you ever wanted a rope, or been in dire need of a herb to save you from death? Well now finding items such as these has become easier. The mobiles have set up shop selling their wares to the adventurers that cross their threshold, selling everything from fruit to candles, hats to the finest pork chops. Shopkeepers have taken hold of this new opportunity and set up new businesses in the northeastern village, and also in Beilefeld, and all of the already-existing shops have been renovated to sell their goods. These items are in finite supply, thus if too many of a certain item are bought, the shop will run out of that item. Alas, this also means the end of free alcohol in the taverns, but you should also find you can get drunk more easily on the larger range of beverages! (Just don't drink too much. Alcohol poisoning isn't an enjoyable experience!) Happy shopping!

New Mobiles

Here's a list of some of the Mobiles who've recently arrived in Terra:

The tailor and metalsmith mobiles in the caravan.
The grocer in Hamelin.
The butcher, milkmaid and ropeseller mobiles in the Village.
The candlemaker and fruiterer mobiles in Beilefeld.


The taverns now have a happy hour which occurs at 1 and 7 AM and 1 and 7 PM.

Player News

Congratulations go out to all the players that rose the ranks since the last edition. This includes...

    • Dale - Advisor
    • Bambi - Lady
    • Bey - Stalwart
    • Cub - Stalwart
    • Milkyeyes - Counsel

We've also had several players who made apprentice and are working their way up the conclave. There are an average of around 8 newbies a day trying out the game. Everybody be sure to welcome the new players, and here's hoping that they stay a while.

Web News

After some time out of commission, the web "who" listing should be working again. The TerraFirmA web site is now also a member of the Aber MUD web ring.

Remember that you can subscribe and unsubscribe to the FreeWheeling Mailing List by using the form found at Please mail BabyGirl if you encounter any problems with the aforementioned features or any other part of the TF web site.

New FW Co-Editor

We are pleased to announce that there is a new co-editor working for Freewheeling. EnChAnTeR has kindly accepted the challenge of producing Freewheeling in cooperation with BabyGirl to give her some well-earned breathing space. BabyGirl has been producing Freewheeling since October 1996 and recently she has not had the time to commit to producing regular editions. With EnChAnTeR's help we may be able to produce more regular editions and give something back to the players of TerraFirma.

We are looking for information to put into the next edition of Freewheeling, this is due to be released at the end of January 2002. Please Email (or MudMail) EnChAnTeR or BabyGirl with your information or articles.