Game News

There have been no big changes to the game since the last issue of Freewheeling, so there's not too much to report on this front. A new version with many new and updated features is due soon, but there is currently no scheduled date for this.

We apologise for the long down-time the game experienced around Christmas time... this was due to problems with the server both the game and the web site are run on, and so it also affected several other MUDs which are hosted on this server. The situation was somewhat beyond our control, though we did work with the adminstrators at our MUD host to try to help get it resolved as soon as we could!

During the down time, we posted status updates on the ALTERNATE TerraFirma web site, which is found at If you didn't know of or recall the address of the alternate site, make sure to write it down or bookmark it! You could also probably find it pretty easily by doing a web search for "terrafirma alternate" (try Google).

Player News

Since the last issue, it appears that Belldandy and BlackRose have joined the ranks of the conclave by making Apprentice - congratulations to them!

Also, there is some late-breaking good news - Galena and Lost have become engaged! Congratulations to them, and we send them our best wishes for a bright future together. (And guys, don't forget to send some wedding pics in to your favorite Terra e-zine!)