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How to Connect to TerraFirmA


You might be able to simply click here to connect to TerraFirmA. If you get an error message when you click above, it means your Web browser is not set up to use telnet. It uses a separate program called "telnet" for connecting to sites like this one, but is not supplied with it. You have to tell your browser where it can find this program (provided that you HAVE a telnet program in the first place). Try using "(Helper) Applications" under your "Preferences" or "Options" set up.

Connect via mudportal.com

If you have a JAVA-enabled browser, you could try the quick and easy Java Telnet Applet to connect through your browser using Java!


Alternatively, you can connect to TerraFirmA directly using telnet (depending on your system). Using DOS or a UNIX terminal, you can type the following:

telnet terrafirma-mud.org.uk 2222

If you are using Windows 95, it comes with a primitive telnet program (telnet.exe) which is located in the C:\WINDOWS directory. There are also several other freeware, shareware or commercial "telnet" programs available. One that supports "ANSI" colour is best, so that you can experience the colourful side of the game!

After starting the telnet program, you'll want to look for something similar to "Open Connection" or "Remote Connection", and enter TF's host name: "terrafirma-mud.org.uk" and port number: "2222". It is VERY IMPORTANT that you be sure to specify this port number (2222) to connect to the game.


Just plain telnet is often a rather ugly way to connect to most MUDs. A "MUD client" is simply another program you use instead of a telnet program to connect to a MUD. Clients usually support ANSI coloured text and also provide useful things such as triggers and the ability to gag or highlight certain MUD output. Clients are available from several sites...

You should be aware, however, that use of features such as "macros" and "aliases" in MUD clients is restricted on the game. You should not be using any type of macro or automated script that will give you an unfair advantage over others as this will be considered cheating.

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