== Help Facility ===============================================================
Command     : BEEP
Description : Beep somebody
Usage       : beep <player>
            : beep <player> <message>
Example     : beep Firefly wake up!

Send annoying beeps to another player.  The message field is optional,
but can be used to send a text message to the player along with the beep.
Be careful though - you know how touchy some Untouchables are, and they may
just ZAP you for it! [Mardi knows this well - Ed.] [And he's not the only
one! - Later Ed.]

It is worth bearing in mind that some players may not be in a position to 
respond to beeps, particularly during office hours.  Never persist in 
beeping someone who doesn't respond after the first or second beep, however
urgent it may seem in game terms.

See also    : INFO HEALTH