== Help Facility ===============================================================
Command     : BUY
Description : Buy something
Usage       : (in a store)          buy <object>
            :                       buy <object> with <object>
            : (in a blacksmith's)   buy <object>
            :                       buy <object> <newobjectname> 
            : (at a Mage)         buy spell <spell>
Example     : (in a store)          buy map
            :                       buy scalemail with dagger
            :                       buy plasmagun with trolley
            : (in a blacksmith's)   buy weapon
            :                       buy weapon beakersblade
            : (at a Mage)         buy spell enchant

You can use some of your hard-earned treasure to buy things that are more
useful in the stores and from the blacksmiths of TerraFirmA.  You can also
buy spells from a Mage (see INFO MAJICK).

Notes for Katie: Rewrite explaining difference between general stores
and specific ones as appropriate - some stores have special features i.e.
trolleys, etc. UT link to info bflags etc.

In a store:
You can buy any objects that appear on each storekeeper's various lists
of wares using credits you are carrying.  You can also buy one object with
another object, or use the contents of a container to buy a single item
(try placing things in the trolley and OFFERing goods together). 
See INFO STORE for more information.

In a blacksmith's:
You can buy custom-made weapons and armour from the blacksmiths, 
using credits you are carrying, and even give those objects their own
unique names.  See INFO BLACKSMITH for more information.

At a Mage:
You can buy spells that are of powers normally too high for you to cast,
stored within scrolls.  For instance, to buy the spell to Enchant a weapon,
even if you are too low to normally cast it, you would buy a scroll with
that spell stored in it and then INVOKE the scroll with the target
of the weapon you wished to enchant.  (See INFO MAJICK.)

See also    : HELP OFFER
            : HELP SELL
            : HELP TRADE
            : INFO MAJICK
            : INFO STORE
            : INFO BLACKSMITH