== Help Facility ===============================================================
Command     : CHANGE
Description : Change various character attributes
Usage       : change <parameter>
            : change <parameter> <value>

Argument    : AUTOEAT
Description : Change the strength at which you eat food automatically
Usage       : change autoeat <value>
Example     : change autoeat 35

Change your autoeat level.

Argument    : DESCRIPTION
Description : Change description
Usage       : change description

Opens an editing session where you can edit the description of yourself
that other players will see when they EXAMINE you. Type ** on a new 
line to quit and save changes.

Argument    : PAGER
Description : Change your pager length
Usage       : change pager <player> <value>
Example     : change pager me 30

Your pager length is the number of lines of any command output that you see
before the game's in-built pager will pause, giving you the chance to press
return to continue or q to quit.  The default number of lines for this is
20; if you have a particularly large or small window you may like to change
this to something that suits you better.

Argument    : PASSWORD
Description : Change password
Usage       : change password

Change your password.  You will have to enter your old password once, and
your new password twice.  Dont forget it once you change it though!

Argument    : SEX
Description : Change a person's sex
Usage       : change sex <player/mobile>

Change a player's or mobile's sex.  Be careful because the spell might 
reflect back onto you.

Argument    : TITLE
Description : Change title
Usage       : change title me <new title>

Change your title.  This title can be a maximum of 50 characters long, and
must include a %s to denote your name.

See also    : HELP TITLE

Argument    : WIMPY
Description : Change your wimpy value
Usage       : change wimpy me <value>

The wimpy value is the strength at which you will flee during a fight. When
your strength falls to that level you will flee in a random direction.

See also    : HELP FLEE
            : INFO FIGHTING