== Help Facility ===============================================================
Command     : INVOKE
Description : Invoke the enchantment in an object
Usage       : invoke <object>
            : invoke <object> <target>
Example     : invoke staff
            : invoke staff Sam

Invoking an enchanted object will release a stored spell held within
the item.  If the stored spell is aimed at yourself or your current 
location then you don't need to specify a target.  If the stored spell 
is aimed at an object or another person, the target must be specified.

To find out if an object is enchanted, you can have the object 
evaluated by the Mage.  He will also tell you what spell is stored
in the object and if the object needs recharging.

If you are invoking a spell from a spell scroll bought from a Mage, 
then the scroll will vanish after you've cast the spell.

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