== Help Facility ===============================================================
Command     : MAIL
Description : Read and send mail within TerraFirmA
Usage       : mail
            : mail <player>
Example     : mail Luckyspin

Using this command without arguments shows you a list of mail in your
mailbox.  Simply type the number of a message in order to read it.  To
delete a message, type 'd <message number>'.  (Note that the 
maximum number of mail messages that can be held in a mailbox is 100;
if you have more than that, then new mail will not reach you.)

Following the command by the name of a player will start an editing 
session in which you can write a mail message to be sent to that player
(provided they exist).  Remember to press return occasionally while you
are editing, or you will lose the text off the right-hand side of the

While you are in the editor, normal game commands can be typed in if 
they are typed on a new line and prefixed by *.  (Note: This is
not the case if you entered the mail editor from the pre-logon screen.)

To quit the editor and send the mail, type ** on a new line. To
quit the editor without sending the mail message, type *abort on
a new line.


MAIL> Hello!
MAIL> Missed you today, hope to catch you tomorrow...
MAIL> *who
MAIL> **