== Help Facility ===============================================================
Command     : MOUNT
Description : Mount a riding animal
Usage       : mount <mobile>
Example     : mount dragon

Mount a riding animal. There are three kinds: 'standing' mounts (mainly
horses), 'flying' mounts (who will let you cross water without a boat or
aquatic talisman), and 'swimming' mounts, who will also carry you across
water. (To go underwater, you will still need an aquatic talisman.)

A mount shares your inventory, but those without arms can't carry anything
and so aren't much help unless they are wearing saddlebags or something
similar. To put saddlebags or armour on a riding animal, use the PUT
command; to remove them again, use REMOVE.

Some of the more exotic riding animals may join in fights on your side!

See also    : HELP DISMOUNT
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