== Help Facility ===============================================================
Command     : PARTY
Description : Show parties
Usage       : party
            : party score
            : party <message>
            : party leader <player> (can only be done by the Party Leader)
            : party title <new title> (can only be done by the Party Leader)

The party concept and commands were introduced to aid group play.
To participate in a party, you may either create your own, or join 
someone else's.  The person who creates a party is known as the party
leader, and has more control over the party than other members.  Mobiles
who are pets (see INFO PET) may also be members of parties.

To become a member of a party, type 'follow <player>' or 'join <player>'. In 
both cases you will either join the party of which the specified player is a 
member, or form a new party of which the specified player will be the 

The name of your party will appear in the 'Abstract' field when you type STATUS 

To find out how many parties are formed at present and who the members of
them are, type 'party' without without arguments.

Party Leader commands:
party title <new title>
Change the title of the party.

party leader <player>
Change the Party Leader (the new leader must be at least at the level of 

Party Member commands:
party score
See the score of the party.

party share
Shares out any credit in the room equally amongst all members of the    

party <message>
Send a message to all members of the party.

See also    : HELP JOIN
            : HELP LOSE
            : HELP PSCORE
            : INFO PET