== Help Facility ===============================================================
Command     : TELL
Description : Tell someone something
Usage       : tell <player/mobile> <message>
Example     : tell phoenix give sword to ottimo
            : Honey hello

Tell a player (or a mobile) something.	You can use tell to communicate
with someone who isn't in the same location as you.  Only the intended
recipient of the text will receive it (so it's ideal for those occasions when 
you want a private conversation... as long as you aren't discussing quest 

Note: Any command that starts with a person's name is assumed by the game to be
a tell to them; in other words, you don't have to use 'tell', just
the person's name before what you want to say to them is enough.

You can also use this command to communicate and interact with certain mobiles.
Pets need to be told things by their master (or mistress - ooer!) (see 

See also    : HELP REPLY
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