== ATTITUDE ============================================= Updated: 03/02/2001 ==

Your attitude is an indication of how you act in TerraFirmA. 

mobiles you kill, but it can also be 
affected by automatic game rules or by an Untouchable's intervention. When you 
kill a Good mobile, your attitude worsens; when you kill an Evil mobile, it
improves.  You start your life with a Neutral attitude, which as it changes
can range through Good-Amiable-Neutral-Nasty-Evil.  When you are Nasty or
Evil (or a Killer - see below), you will be arrested by any Police mobile who
encounters you, put in Jail and fined a sum of credits.

Most mobiles are neither good nor evil and it's a matter of experience knowing 
which mobiles are which. 

Other attitudes include: 

	Killer: Set when playerkilling (see INFO MURDER).
	Whiner: May be set by an Untouchable on a player who whines a lot!
	Cheat : Set automatically for various rule infringements but may
                also be set by an Untouchable

See also : INFO MURDER