== BANK ================================================= Updated: 03/02/2001 ==

Withdraw and deposit credits, and check your balance.

TerraFirmA, each staffed by a Banker. In them, you
can use the following three commands.

* BALANCE - to see the number of credits you currently have in your account.
* WITHDRAW - use 'withdraw <amount>' to withdraw a number of credits.
* DEPOSIT - use 'deposit <amount>' or 'deposit all' to deposit a number of 

It's always wise to visit a bank regularly rather than to carry a large number
of credits with you (you can see how many you are carrying using the INVENTORY
or SCORE commands), because, if you die anywhere, you will drop all the credits
you are carrying in that location.  If this happens to be a deathroom, then you
will lose all your credits along with all your equipment!

Note that items dropped in pits automatically credit your bank balance. Because 
the levelling system is based on banked credits as well as on experience, it is 
normal for your level sometimes to go up or down at the moment when you DEPOSIT 

         : HELP WITHDRAW
         : HELP DEPOSIT
         : HELP SCORE
         : INFO SCORE