== BASICS =============================================== Updated: 04/02/2001 ==

An overview of what TerraFirmA is all about.

These info files give you an overview of what the game is all about,
and also contain important information about managing your character
and the rules of the game.

INFO FROBS - Promotions for wizards from other active Aber muds.
INFO GAME - An overview of TerraFirmA.
INFO HEALTH - TerraFirmA health warning!
INFO NEWSTUFF - New Features
INFO PAGER - Customise command output according to window size.
INFO RULES - The rules of TerraFirmA, and some advice for players.
INFO TERMSOFUSE - Terms of use of TerraFirmA.
INFO TFM - Terraforming
INFO WANDERER - Wanderer level is a new mortal level.