== BOATS ================================================ Updated: 03/02/2001 ==

Advice for would-be sailors!

water), you need a boat.
Objects that are boats (canoes, rafts, kayaks etc.) are often relatively heavy,
as they would be in real life.  If you find that you can't pick up a boat, use
the SIZE command to see if this is because the total size of all the other
objects you are carrying doesn't leave enough room for you to carry it. If so,
you could try putting some of what you are carrying into containers (even into
the boat itself) to make more room, or look for an alternative object to help 
you go to sea until you've gained enough levels to be able to carry more. There
are objects that are much smaller than boats that can help you to swim, and some
that will let you breathe underwater (see INFO TALISMANS

See also : INFO LEVELS
         : HELP SIZE