== COMBAT =============================================== Updated: 04/02/2001 ==

How to engage in, and win, fights in TerraFirmA.

Combat in TerraFirmA normally consists of fights between players and
mobiles. Success in fights depends on a player's strategy and equipment.
Failure in fights bring penalties in the form of lost experience and
credits through flight or death.
INFO ATTITUDE - Your attitude is an indication of how you act in TerraFirmA. 
INFO BLACKSMITH - Buy custom-made weapons and armour, and get things repaired.
INFO EQUIPMENT - Equipment is the most important thing in a fight.
INFO FIGHTING - Fighting in TerraFirmA is normally between players and mobiles.
INFO FLIGHT - Run for your life! (Escaping from fights.)
INFO HEALING - Don't forget to heal after fights.
INFO MURDER - How players can fight other players.