== CREDIT =============================================== Updated: 03/02/2001 ==

The currency of TerraFirmA.

Many mobiles carry credits.  When killed, mobiles drop whatever they are 
carrying as well as any credits.  Any credits you pick up become amalgamated 
into your total number of credits carried, and can then be used in a Store 
or deposited in a Bank for later.  They can be used to buy weapons, armour,
food or any other items that you need, and used to pay special mobiles such 
as those who will repair equipment (see INFO BLACKSMITH), Tollkeepers (see
INFO TOLL) or The Mage (see INFO MAGE).

You need banked credits to advance through the levels - use the LEVELS command
to see how many for each level.

Other ways in which you can gain credits are by selling valuable items in a
Store, by dropping treasures into pits (your bank account will be credited
automatically), or by gaining rewards for solving the mini-quests posted on
several boards in the game (such as in the Entry Room of the Turfe Taverne
in Hamelin).  You can lose credits by dying and fleeing (see INFO FIGHTING).

Credits have zero size, so carrying credits doesn't affect what else you can

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