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Save time equipping - Let the Imp AuditorINFO EQSAVE

When you log out and leave the realms of TerraFirmA you are able to save
your equipment so that when you next log on you will still have all of your
items.  In order to save your equipment just QUIT in an
Airlock or the Entry Room in the Turfe Taverne.
You will then meet the Imp Auditor who will kindly take your items away
and keep them safe until you return.  Any carried creditsINFO EQSAVE

However, there are some restrictions.  Some items simply are not saveable.
These are usually items which either, it would not make sense for there to be
more than one of (for example, excalibur), or items which are too prized a
possession.  Only experience will reveal which items cannot be saved.  Items
which are specifically required for a quest, but are saveable, will only be
saveable for a period of 6 hours after their first resupply, so you get
at least 6 hoursINFO EQSAVE

Don't forget where to find the best armour and weapons, because you will
need to re-equip if you die or flee.  This is also the case if you 
idle out outside of the Airlocks.  Your equipment will also, over a long
period of time, become useless since all items have lifespans


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