== EQUIPMENT ============================================ Updated: 03/02/2001 ==

Equipment is the most important thing in a fight.

EQUIPThe condition of an object is specified relative to its best 
condition - it shows you how damaged that object is, and ranges from 
Excellent to Useless.  Different terms are used to denote 
the damage on wielded and worn objects.  These are, in order of 
increasing damage:

Wielded object: Excellent-Nicked-Blunt-Broken-Useless
Worn object   : Excellent-Dented-Damaged-Battered-Useless

Damaged objects can be repaired by any Smith using the 
REPAIR command.

The rating of an object is a measure of how good it is, 
e.g. how much damage a weapon will do to an opponent, or how much 
protection a piece of armour will give you.  Again, different terms 
are used to describe the ratings of wielded and worn objects.  These 
are, in order of decreasing usefulness:

Wielded object: Awesome-Fatal-Excellent-Good-Average-Weak-Poor-Useless
Worn object   : Awesome-Excellent-Heavy-Tough-Good-Average-Fair-Weak-Poor-Basic

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