== E-Zine ================================================= Updated: 98/12/16 ==

   There is an addition to the Terra after-care package, and comes in the 
   form of a monthly E-Zine, known as 'FreeWheeling'. It provides background 
   info, gossip and general fun about the game.

The format of the E-Zine is an e-mail document that will be sent out to all
those who have requested to be part of the mailing group. The document has 
brief descriptions of the articles in the issue and links to the articles 
which are on the website.  Here you can also find all the back issues of 
FreeWheeling.  If you wish to subscribe then contact BabyGirl.

The content of the e-zine is really up to the subscribers and can contain
any type of article that you think is relevant to the game. We hope
to just function in an editorial role. After all, you can't all have the 
same interests as us!! We are looking for any stuff that is of interest and
can be along the lines of jokes, puzzles, improvements to the game, or 
ideas for new zones. You know the type of thing!!

This is really your opportunity to reach as many people on the game as 
possible, and learn more about the people who play the game. It is for your
benefit so do try and make an effort even if it is only just a couple of
web sites.

Any FW submissions, or subscriptions may be done by contacting BabyGirl at