== FIGHTING ============================================= Updated: 03/02/2001 ==

Fighting in TerraFirmA is normally between players and mobiles. 

TerraFirmA is normally between players and mobiles, but 
player fighting player can occur during tournaments and also on such
occasions where an UntouchableFights are normally to the death unless one of the participants 
flees.  Starting a fight is done using the KILL or 
ATTACK commands, unless it is started by your opponent, 
dependent on how 
aggressive they are (see KILL and ATTACK). During 
the fight, details are provided on how the fight is progressing; you 
will be told what body parts are being hit by your opponent and also 
whether you are successful in hitting your opponent or not. It is 
important to be well armed in a fight (see INFO EQUIPMENT), 
else your strength will drain quickly. If your strength goes below 
zero (0) you will die and go to either Silicon Heaven or 
Hell, depending on your attitude. You will also lose a 
percentage of experience gained, but as you cannot lose any Quest 
Experience (QExp) you have gained, you will lose 12 percent12 
percent of any credit accumulated.

Dying automatically incurs a 10 percent credit fee for 
hospital bills, so it is advisable not to die having only Quest 
Experience (QExp). To avoid dying you can flee, losing only objects 
carried; objects worn or wielded are not lost. Fleeing from a fight 
costs you 3 percent experience with the same rules about 
experience as dying. Note that when you flee you drop any 
credits you have, and that you lose experience only if you are able 
to flee successfully (i.e. if you do not try to flee in a direction 
that is for some reason barred to you).

You can flee in two ways, by using the command FLEE 
(see FLEE), or by using the wimpy (autoflee) facility.  
You can set your wimpy to a particular value using the command 
CHANGE (type 'change wimpy me <value>'; 
see also CHANGE).  If your strength falls below that value 
in a fight, you will automatically flee in a random direction. 
Another way of avoiding dying is to eat food during a fight to 
restore your strength while you are fighting.  You can do this using 
the normal command EAT (see EAT - note that not 
all food is good for you!), or using the autoeat facility.  Similar 
to the wimpy facility, you set an autoeat value using the command 
CHANGE (type 'change autoeat <value>'; 
see also CHANGE). Then, should your strength fall below 
that value during a fight, you will automatically eat an 
item of food from your inventory, if you are carrying some. (Note 
that your autoeat value should always be higher than your wimpy, 
otherwise you will flee before you eat any food; eating food may 
enable you to avoid fleeing.)

Winning a fight awards you with experience depending 
on who your opponent was; you will also be able to take any 
objects and credits dropped by your opponent.
Your attitude may also change, if you kill a mobile who 
is particularly good or nasty (see INFO ATTITUDE). After 
you have won a fight, or fled from it, you can restore your strength 
by sleeping, sitting or eating food (see SLEEP and 

Going berserk (see BERSERK): 
if you do this, you will lose the ability to flee, but you 
will hit your opponent more often and more successfully. It's risky, 
but it may pay off in some situations.

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