== FROBS ================================================ Updated: 03/02/2001 ==

Promotions for wizards from other active Aber muds.

Wizard:         level 4 
    ArchWizard:     level 5
    Administrator:  level 6

The frobs are variable, but are held at a low value so as not to diminish too 
much the adventure feel of the game.  (There are plenty of commands that should
aid those who prefer to chat without being a wizard type of character. *8) )
If you qualify for a frob, then please ask or mail a member of the Court (type
COURT to see who these people are).  They will be able to help you further.

New! If you are a wizard on another mud and would like to try some of 
TerraFirmA's quests without running a character all the way up to become a 
wizard here, you may be interested in a new level and way of playing that we 
have developed just for this.  To find out about it, read INFO WANDERER

See also : INFO GAME  
         : INFO POLICY
         : INFO WANDERER