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An overview of TerraFirmA.

TerraFirmAYour first aim in TerraFirmA should be to reach the level of Apprentice, by
gaining the right number of experience points (through completing quests and
and winning fights) and credits (credits are the currency of TerraFirmA
and can be obained through fighting, selling treasures and solving miniquests).
Before you reach this level, you are mortal - you can die! However, death is not the
handicap in TerraFirmA that it is in real life - you will lose some experience and credits, 
which will set you back, but it's not terminal. 
Once you have reached the level of Apprentice, you are nearly immortal, and
then use the morphing system to carry on solving the remaining
quests, and new quests as they appear on the game, and to reach the most advanced levels of the

The main town in TerraFirmA is the town of Hamelin, which includes the
Turfe Taverne, a Bank, Hospital, Pawnbroker Store, Jail and 
many other things. The landscape of the game includes several other settlements (with their
own pubs, stores, banks etc.), forests,
deserts, coastlines, mountain ranges, hills, valleys and seas. Within this world,
as well as other players like yourself, you will encounter mobiles, who
are the nonplaying characters of TerraFirmA. Some are more intelligent than others, and are 
capable of a certain amount of interaction. Some are helpful and will aid you in questing; 
others will try to hinder you. In some settlements, Police mobiles may arrest
you if you have the wrong attitude!

Players who have already reached the level of Apprentice and above are known
collectively as the Untouchables. As well as playing the game, some of these players also help
to run TerraFirmA by maintaining it and helping new players. 
Up to the level of Charmer, you are considered a 'novice' and will receive a 
reasonable amount of help from the Untouchables, but once you reach the level of
Hunter, only minimal help will be given to you.

Resets occur in all areas of TerraFirmA every so often, in order to restore
mobiles and objects to their original positions so that completed quests may be attempted 
again by different players. To see if a quest is available or if it cannot be done 
until its area has been reset (which will happen automatically when it is free of players and
nothing from it is being used), use the QS command.

TerraFirmA also has a system of Majick (INFO MAJICK). When you reach 
the level of Charmer, you will be able to cast some spells, and further spells 
become available to you at higher levels. Majick can help you in 
many ways!  Not only that, but mobiles can use it against you, so it's 
essential that you quickly become a skilled practitioner!

The writers of TerraFirmA have spent time making the game as colourful as 
possible. If your terminal supports ANSI colour then try viewing the world 
of TerraFirmA in glorious technicolour (type COLOUR).

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