== HEALTH =============================================== Updated: 03/02/2001 ==

TerraFirmA health warning!

TerraFirmA, as with many other MUDs, is very addictive, and you 
should spend your time wisely when using it.  Remember your work 
and studies come first.
Players who login from their places of work are strongly discouraged from 
playing during their office hours: it is very easy to spend two hours 
chatting when you only meant to log in for ten minutes, or five hours 
running when you only meant to spend an hour doing so, and it is very hard 
to work efficiently when you are keeping one eye on a MUD conversation.  
It is ultimately much more rewarding to MUD during the whole of your lunch 
hour and/or before or after working hours with a clear conscience than it 
is to MUD all day when you know you should be working, and have guilt spoil 
the experience.  

For students, total hours are probably more important than when you play, 
but it is always worth bearing in mind that your future MUDding may depend 
on your future job, and your future job will depend on your degree, so DON'T 
throw it away.  The MUD will still be here after you graduate! 

If you are playing from home, you stand a chance of running up a large phone 
bill.  Don't forget to take advantage of any special offers from your phone 
company, which may cut the cost of your phone bill dramatically; although 
you might feel like a sad b****** nominating your ISP as your Best Friend, 
it does make sense financially.  Large phone bills can also cause you to cut 
down on other expenditure that might otherwise be considered essential, such 
as food, and thus also damage your health in this way. 

When you are playing, it is advisable to eat properly and get plenty of sleep; 
MUDs can remove these elements as players play into the night or miss meals.  
Sitting at a terminal for long periods of time is not good for your eyes: you 
should take a break every hour or so, rest your eyes, blink a lot and maybe 
get something to eat or drink.  If you need a ten-minute break, an Untouchable 
may be willing to assist by looking after your possessions for you. It is in a 
player's best interests to get plenty of sleep, food and rest. Spending long 
periods of time looking at computer screens is strongly discouraged