== Hints ================================================== Updated: 98/12/16 ==

   Hints are available for all quests from storytelling Bards, for a price. 
   They can be found in the Taverne in Hamelin and at the Old Seadog Inn
   in Smuggler's Cove.

To get a hint, you must have credits in hand, either from killing mobiles or
from withdrawing them at the bank (INFO BANK).  Go to one of the Bards and type
HINT <QUESTNAME>.  Hints cost 1 percent in credits of whatever the quest is
worth in experience (for example, Cartoon = a 5000 experience quest, so 50
credits per hint), so be sure you're carrying enough money for the 
hint(s) you want!

Hints are given out randomly, you are not guaranteed to get a hint about
something that you don't already know about!  Sometimes a hint won't be
directly about a quest itself, but rather, will tell you about a feature
or puzzle in the area around the quest.  Read INFO HINTNUM to get a listing
of how many hints are available per quest, this should help you determine if
you need to buy more or not.

A HINT GENERAL feature is available for hints about helpful things not
directly related to any quest (currently only 5 credits apiece!).

NOTE: A reminder that it against TerraFirmA code of practice to receive any
advice on questing other than through the Bard!! (read INFO RULES).
So use your friendly Bard wisely!