== LEVELS =============================================== Updated: 04/02/2001 ==

Levels in the game.

ApprenticeOnly by changing your experience and credit will you move up and down the
levels.  Experience can be gained by 
completing quests (see INFO QUESTS) and
by killing mobiles or completing puzzles. Experience can be lost by 
dying or fleeing from fights (see INFO FIGHTING). Note that experience gained 
by completing quests cannot be lost. This is the experience shown when you use
the QUESTS command, but is also part of what makes up your total
experience as seen using SCORE.  Dying or fleeing in a fight will
however cause you to lose some of any non-quest experience you have.

In summary, if you die in a fight, you lose 12 percent of non-quest experience. 
If you don't have sufficient experience to fullfil the full 12 percent loss, 
then instead you will lose the remaining percent from your credit. E.g. if you 
have 1200 exp, 1100 of which is QExp, and you die in a fight, you should lose 
144 Exp. However, this is not possible, so you will lose 100 Exp, and also 
44 credits. Dying automatically incurs a 10 percent credit fee for hospital 
bills so it is advisable not to die having only Quest Exp. However, regaining 
credit is very easy. Death and Trap rooms incur no exp loss, but do incur 
hospital charges. A flee will cost 3 percent experience. 

Use the LEVELS command to see the credit and total experience 
requirements for the mortal levels from Beginner 
to Legend (remember that total experience 
= quest experience + experience gained in other ways).  
For each level higher  
than this, your total experience must include a certain minimum amount of 
quest experience:

Apprentice level requires 200,000 quest experience points.
Sorceror level requires 240,000 quest experience points.
Luminary level requires 270,000 quest experience points.
Mage level requires the full 293,000 quest experience points.

INFO ATTITUDE - Your attitude is an indication of how you act in TerraFirmA. 
INFO PRIVS - Level privileges

See also : INFO QUESTS
         : HELP LEVELS