== MAJICK =============================================== Updated: 04/02/2001 ==

How to cast spells for every purpose, and protect yourself.

There are many forms of Majick in TerraFirmA, including spells that
can be cast and items with majickal properties or with spells stored
within them.  Spells can be cast on people, places, objects or even you
yourself.  There are malevolent spells, cunning spells, spells to help 
you gain knowledge, spells to confuse your enemies and hide you from their 
eyes, and spells to help you stay alive in dark and dangerous places. One 
thing alone is certain - whatever your adventures may be, only knowledge 
and control of the Majick around you will keep you safe and bring you 
the greatest rewards!

To see what Majick is available to you on TerraFirmA, check your majickal
level in INFO PRIVS, and then read the following:
INFO CASTING - Casting spells.
INFO CHARGED - Spells can be stored in objects.
INFO COMPONENTS - Spell ingredients for spells of Power Two or above.
INFO MAGE - The Mage is a source of much majickal wisdom.
INFO MAJICKHINTS - Hints and tips on how to use Majick in TerraFirmA.
INFO SPELLREMOVAL - How to remove spells cast by yourself or by others.
INFO SPELLS - Spells you can cast in TerraFirmA.
INFO TALISMANS - Talismans have special properties.