== MORPH ================================================ Updated: 03/02/2001 ==

The morphing system used by Untouchables when questing.

Apprentices and above.  
The concept behind the morphing system is that of allowing players 
who have reached Untouchable status or who are Apprentices to MORPH 
their form to a mortal one, so they may again journey into the world 
looking for new adventures and battles.
Once players have morphed, they lose all the ties and safeguards their 
rank might bestow upon them, and are for all intents and purposes mortal. 
It is possible to read what is said on the Untouchable CHAT channel 
while morphed, but not to contribute to it.  The system is designed to 
offer flexibility and also further room for excitement even beyond the 
challenge of making Untouchable.  There are no advantages to being Morphed 
over being mortal, and all players who MORPH will start with the same 
stats as a Legend. 

For morphing, the first thing to remember is that Conclave and lower Clave 
members will need to be at a start location to invoke the morphing rite. 
Morphed players may use Untouchable objects such as armour, weapons etc., 
up to a maximum of 25 armour points made up of Untouchable armour items, 
but any mortal items carried or worn will be lost during the morphing rite. 
The morphing rite automatically sets the player's wimpy to 22. 

To MORPH back to Untouchable status you MUST have enough experience
and credit for the level you are trying to morph to.

Above all remember this - you are liable to be killed!
For more information about the morphing system, please MAIL a Court

See also : HELP MORPH
         : INFO UT