== NEWBIE =============================================== Updated: 03/02/2001 ==

Welcome to TerraFirmA!

TerraFirmA is a multiplayer interactive adventure
game, also known as a multi-user dungeon, or 'mud'. The landscape of
TerraFirmA is a landscape created in hundreds of thousands of words,
a landscape created
as lovingly and carefully as the fictional world described in 
any novel. The world thus described is a vast one, which
exists under a vaster dome, and 
which you, the player, enter via one of five airlocks. In the land 
beneath these airlocks where you now are, you will meet and 
interact with many hundreds of other characters,
some friendly and some hostile,
whose actions will be controlled either by the computer on which the game 
runs or by other players such as yourself. You will also find stories
set within this world - your own story, which will unfold 
as you play, and the stories of others,
as you travel within these lands and try to win in quests and battles.
This is the challenge that awaits you.

The area in which you find yourself when you first enter the game
as a new player is an area specially
designed to introduce you to some of the basic commands and concepts
of the game. At the foot of the Tree of Knowledge lies a small 
Storybook Village, an area whose theme is taken from childrens'
fairy tales, in which you can experiment with commands in complete safety.
The main game itself lies beyond the village. It would be very wise to
learn what you can about TerraFirmA from this area before venturing
into the more dangerous lands beyond!

This file is an INFO file. All
the important commands and concepts of TerraFirmA - how to play it -
are explained in our info files and in the HELP
entries for the different commands. Throughout the info files and
help, you will find links to other files related to a topic 
HIGHLIGHTED, and sometimes arrows (->) may be 
used to point you to a
particular file we recommend you read next. Many of our info and 
help files are also available on the
where they are hyperlinked so that you can easily follow links to
related files. 

Don't be intimidated by
the amount of information that there is! TerraFirmA is not a 
difficult game to play, if you invest a little time early on in 
learning the basics. We also have a team of player helpers (this
is one of the ways in which players who have reached the highest levels
often choose to put something back into the game) who will be happy
to answer any questions you have and to guide you through your early

Good luck!

See also : ->INFO BASICS