== NEWSTUFF ============================================= Updated: 04/02/2001 ==

New features in this version of TerraFirmA.

Citadel Quest

A hidden room, thought to have been destroyed long ago has recently been discovered in the
Citadel. Who knows what treasures or perils it contains? It must surely be worth

Size and Value

No longer will you have to type both the SIZE and the VALUE
commands to see the details of
your inventory, as these two commands have now been combined and now give details of both
of these useful functions at once.

New Taverns

Refurbishment programmes have been carried out in both The Old Seadog Inn in the village
and The Hobbit's Armpit in Beilefeld, and the full range of drinks is now available in both
of these fine establishments. Pop in soon to check out the new decor and sample some of the
fine beverages on offer!

Board-Update Notices

Now when you log on you'll be able to see immediately if notice boards have been updated -
so never again will you miss out on the latest announcements, news or gossip! 

Other stuff

If you often get hungry whilst adventuring, you'll be pleased to hear that there are now more food sellers throughout the land. The Mage has also been busy, and there are now more
objects that can be used to invoke spells. Minor changes have also been made to the Turtle
and Ancient quests, and finally, as usual, there have been fixes made to any bugs and
problems that have been found.

Improved Info Categories

Tired of having to search through a long list for that vital info that you need? Well, help
is at hand - our info files now have a category index to help you find the information that
you need quickly and easily.


Thanks to everyone who helped with this version. If you are a UT, check out
INFO NEWUTSTUFF for more details on new privileged commands and 
their effects.