== Password Security ====================================== Updated: 98/12/16 ==
This is very important.

    Please do NOT share your password with ANYONE, however friendly 

    you are with them in the game or off it. Bear in mind that someone 

    who has your password CAN:


(a) Read and delete mail sent to you before you have had a 

    chance to read it. 

(b) Send mail to other people apparently from you, without you 

    ever knowing it has been sent.

(c) Talk to other people as you, without you ever knowing they've 

    even been logged in as you.

(d) Change your password themselves so you can't get back

    in as your character without a lot of difficulty.

(e) Make your character lose experience, which you will not be able 

    to get back unless you can prove it was someone else that was logged in. 

(f) Abuse the privileges that your character has in order to cheat.


It goes without saying that anyone caught cheating in this way will be 

Zapped, and the person who has been careless with their password will 

also suffer a severe penalty (this has happened before). 

However much you are certain that the person you have trusted with your 

password wouldn't do any of those things, you might not know them that well 

(and even in the sunny atmosphere of TerraFirmA friendships have been 

known to break up and rows happen).


It is very important for the game that when people think they are speaking to 

player X they can be sure they really are, that when mail is sent the sender 

knows that only in exceptional circumstances will it be read by anyone other 

than the person it's sent to.

If in very exceptional circumstances such as illness you do need your mail to 

be checked by someone else, you should change your password as soon as possible 

afterwards. For these reasons you are strongly urged not to share your password 

with anyone. 

If we suspect that someone's password is not secure and that person is at a 

relatively high level, they may lose privileges [see (f) above]

until we can be sure that it is secure.

If you feel someone has abused your character then please report it to

a member of the Court as soon as possible.