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Keeping pets

mobile who can be owned and controlled by a player.
You can get hold of a pet in various ways - as a gift from an Untouchable, 
as part of a quest, or simply by being near a pet who likes you. A pet can 
do many things, and is controlled by its owner. 

To get a pet to do something, type in its name followed by what you want it 
to do, e.g. 'Ottimo jump' to get Ottimo to JUMP.  To get a pet to follow you
in your party, type in its name followed by 'follow <your name>', e.g. 'Ottimo 
follow Cyn'.  To get a pet to leave you, use the LOSE command.  Note that
some pets can't pick up objects, because they have no arms.  For example, 
Penguins don't have arms to hold anything, so they cannot hold your objects. 

Note that you must be at at least the level of Pathfinder

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