== PRIVS ================================================ Updated: 03/02/2001 ==

Level privileges

Level    Male                Female              New privileges
-----    --------------      ---------------     -----------------------
 1       the Beginner        the Beginner        None gained
 2       the Adventurer      the Adventuress     None gained
 3       the Explorer        the Explorer        GOSSIP
 4       the Charmer         the Charmer         First Majickal Level
 5       the Hunter          the Huntress        CHANGE title
 6       the Pathfinder      the Pioneer         Lead a PARTY
 7       the Enchanter       the Enchantress     Second Majickal Level 
 8       the Slasher         the Slayer          Gain attitude (INFO ATTITUDE)
 9       the Warrior         the Warrior         POSE
10       the Valiant         the Valkyrie        EMOTE anywhere
11       the Illusionist     the Illusionist     Third Majickal Level
12       the Assassin        the Assassin        THUNDER/LIGHTNING
13       the Conqueror       the Conquerer       SUMMON
14       the Harlequin       the Harlequin       TRANSLOCATE
15       the Spellbinder     the Spellbinder     Fourth Majickal Level
16       the Eminent         the Eminent         None gained
17       the Legend          the Legend          None gained
18       the Apprentice      the Apprentice      Fifth Majickal Level

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