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All about quests.

TerraFirmAThroughout TerraFirmA there are puzzles to be solved, which usually involve 
manipulating objects and/or interacting with mobiles (nonplaying characters 
in the game).  A quest is a series of related puzzles, often located within 
one particular area of the game (e.g. the Farm), which must be solved to 
complete some overall task.  When you complete that task, whatever it is, 
then you are credited with the quest and a certain number of experience points 
(depending on the difficulty of that quest).

To see a complete list of quests in order of their experience value, use the 
QINFO command by itself, and to find out more about a particular 
quest, type 'qinfo <quest name>' (e.g. 'qinfo abyss').  To see the  
status of a quest (whether or not it is available for completion or has
been done or begun by another player), use the QS command.
To see which quests you yourself have already already completed, use 
the QUESTS command.

INFO QINFO - Quest Information

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