== RESET ================================================ Updated: 03/02/2001 ==

Resetting TerraFirmA.

TerraFirmA, in which
all of the mobiles and objects in that area are
returned to their original positions, so that any questsObjects in TerraFirmA are limited, as in real life - two
players cannot use the same object. Each object and mobile
(non-playing character) has an 'original' position - the place
they start in before any quest they may be part of has
been attempted. After a quest has been attempted, and perhaps
successfully completed, the objects and mobiles connected with
it are no longer in their start positions, and the quest 
cannot be attempted by anyone else until that part of the game
has been reset.

Once upon a time, a reset was a rejuvenation of the whole
of TerraFirmA at once, in which all mobiles and objects 
were put back to their original positions enabling all quests 
to be done again. Resets now happen on a smaller scale all the time,
with different areas of the game being reset whenever they need it,
provided they are free of players.

To see if the area of a particular quest is still in its original
state, or if it has been disturbed by other adventurers, use
the QS command.

Note that there are nearly forty quests in TerraFirmA, and 
that, although you may sometimes find you 
need to wait for a particular quest you want to do to be reset, there 
should always be plenty of others that you can try in the meantime.

Gamewide resets

In some circumstances a reset of the whole of TerraFirmA may
still take place. Such a reset removes all objects from players and 
saves their scores, which is why you should always try to pit (using 
the DROP command) or SELL anything you are 
carrying first.  It will be performed by an Untouchable, who
will first check that no players object (say if they are in the
middle of a quest), and will give plenty of warning.

When a gamewide reset takes place, every player on the 
game gets a message like this:

** (Bambi) SYSTEM CALL : Reset in progress....
** (Bambi) SYSTEM CALL : Reset completed......

Once this has occurred, the whole of TerraFirmA is once again back in 
its 'original' state (note that this does have certain random elements 
which means some objects are not in exactly the same place after each 
reset), and all quests may be attempted again.

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