== ROGUESTUFF =========================================== Updated: 03/02/2001 ==


TerraFirmA has a policy of offering new players equipment to help get 
them started on the game. This is a GIFT and NOT a right.
Untouchables are able to supply lower level players with a weapon and some
armour. These items, a roguesuit and a rogueblade, are known collectively
as the roguestuff, and give new characters a helping hand to explore.  
Roguestuff is never given to players higher than the level of Charmer
and it gets a little weaker every time you go up a level. This means extra 
armour has to be found and used to supplement, and then replace, it. This 
is so that you learn how to provide equipment for yourself and don't end up 
relying on the roguestuff forever.

It is acceptable to ask for roguestuff (e.g. by a WISH), but not appropriate 
to ask for it repeatedly.  If there is no Untouchable on TerraFirmA 
at the time you are playing, you will have to make do with your own 
resources - but there are many alternative ways of equipping yourself, 
including by buying custom-made armour and weaponry from a Smith (see 
INFO BLACKSMITH), by buying whatever such items are available in one of
the stores (see INFO STORE

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