== RULES ================================================ Updated: 03/02/2001 ==

The rules of TerraFirmA, and some advice for players.

* Only ONE character per person.
* No public displays of offensive or explicit comments.
* No unnecessary pestering of people.
* No macros.
* Only The Bard can give advice on quests.

As TerraFirmA offers a safe haven from the hassles that come with life,
we ask all players to avoid harassing other users and to join in with the
spirit of fun that we encourage for players of all ages and backgrounds.
Although we don't wish to discourage communication between players, we do ask
that people keep private conversations private.

The administrators of TerraFirmA try to maintain a friendly atmosphere
and will, in most cases, help out with reasonable requests. However, be aware
that the administrators are often quite busy keeping the game up to date and
ticking over smoothly.

Within TerraFirmA, you should find a noticeable difference from the 
usual D&D approach to multiuser gaming. This world has been almost completely
rewritten from its original form, and we hope no longer contains any offensive
material, or zones and styles that are very mismatched. To help us maintain this
quality and consistency, please use the BUG and TYPO commands
as necessary. For suggestions of additions or changes to the game, please use the
IDEA command.