== Speech ================================================= Updated: 98/12/16 ==

This is a quick compilation of some of commonly used "quick-talk" phrases, that
should help you communicate things faster.

    Word        Meaning
    ----        -------
    afk         away from keyboard
    bbs         be back soon
    bbl         be back later
    brb         be right back
    brt         be right there
    btw         by the way
    ffs         for f**k sake
    fwiw        for what it's worth     
    iykwim      if you know what I mean 
    rofl        rolls on floor laughing
    rofld       rolls on floor in drooling hysterics
    imo/imho    in my (humble) opinion
    irl/rl      (in) real life
    atst        at the same time
    ttfn        ta ta for now

Please also use ACT <action> for quick actions.