== STORE ================================================ Updated: 03/02/2001 ==

The Stores are staffed by friendly Storekeepers.

* BUY <object>
  Allows the purchase of one store object with your credits.

* BUY <object> with <object>
  Allows the purchase of one store object with one in your possession.

* OFFER <object>
  Offers an item to see what you could purchase with it.

* SELL <object>
  Allows the sale of single or multiple items. You can sell all the 
  items you are carrying, or all items of a particular class such as all
  containers, keys, weapons, clothing etc.

* TRADE <object> <object>
  Allows the purchase of one store object (the second one specified) with one 
  in your possession (the first one).

You may purchase goods and sell goods contained within another object,
e.g. 'buy elvencloak with trolley', where the trolley contains many items,
or 'sell sack'.

The stores sell goods of all kinds, but there are also other places in
TerraFirmA where you can buy useful items.  Smiths (see INFO BLACKSMITH)
will sell and repair weapons and armour for you - The Blacksmith in

See also : HELP BUY
         : HELP OFFER
         : HELP REPAIR
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         : HELP TRADE