== TAVERNS ============================================== Updated: 03/02/2001 ==

The TerraFirmA taverns.

TerraFirmA presents a whole new look to Taverns! There are many 
bars around TerraFirmA where you can buy drinks, chat to Bards 
and socialise in a safe and relaxing environment. 

The administration are in the process of revamping all the bars and turning 
them into fully functioning taverns. The Turfe Taverne was the first of the
existing bars to receive this overhaul, and others are also being added to 
in this way. There are many new and exciting features to be found in the 
taverns right now, features which will be expanded on in future versions. 
The main features of the tavern are: 

Linked Rooms    Traditionally all locations are entirely separate and 
                distinct from one another. In a tavern environment, the 
                different locations used to describe one room (the bar) 
                are linked.  This means says and movement between the 
                different locations of the bar are overheard and seen by 
                the people in adjacent linked locations. For example, in 
                the Turfe Taverne, anything said by someone in the main 
	        part of the bar will be overheard by people standing by 
                the fireplace to the south. 

Order           Players may order drinks from the bar staff (from The
                Barman in the Turfe Taverne), from a list that can be seen 
		at the bar (see ORDER). 

Interactivity   Mobiles within the tavern have a new, increased level of 
                awareness and interactivity. As well as a Barman or other 
                character from whom drinks may be ordered, taverns may 
                have one or more other characters each with their own 
		individual features.

The Wench       She will move between through the bar cleaning up as she
        	goes. Any items she picks up will be placed into a lost 
	        property chest, located by the fireplace in the Turfe
                Taverne. Not every inn has a wench this busy though! 

The Doorman     The main job of a Doorman is to eject abusive or light 
                fingered people from the bar area.  He will also refuse 
                entry into the main bar to any person that has been barred.
                In inns without their own Doorman, another TerraFirmA
	        Police Mobile will do these tasks. 
		Note: If you are barred from a tavern, you will remain 
		barred from the main bar areas in all taverns until the 
		next reset; you will, however, still have access to the 
		boards and the vortex in the Turfe Taverne.

The Bard        The Bard can also be found in the Turfe Taverne, and is 
                available to give out hints on specific quests or general 
		game features (see INFO HINTS and INFO HINTNUM). 

If you have any comments or questions about the taverns, please mudmail Cyn

See also : INFO HINTS
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