== TERMSOFUSE =========================================== Updated: 03/02/2001 ==

Terms of use of TerraFirmA.

Before logging on to TerraFirmA for the first time you should 
read the information and guides on the TerraFirmA web site at A full list of the TerraFirmA 
administrators ("Untouchables") is also available here.

By using your character login, you agree to the following terms of 

Terms of use

1. TerraFirmA has players of all ages and nationalities and you 
should be mindful of this in any communications with other 
players. Excessive use of offensive, abusive and/or threatening 
language or behavior is unacceptable.

2. Transmission or solicitation of material, which violates national
or international law, is prohibited. This includes, but is not
limited to, threatening, obscene or libelous material or material
that violates trade secrets, patent or copyright laws.

3. Cheating on the game is prohibited. Cheating is defined within 
the info file rules available under the guide section of the 
TerraFirmA web page. If you are unsure whether your actions fall 
within this definition you should seek advice from the Untouchables.

4. The Untouchables reserve the right to monitor communications 
between players if any of the above are suspected.

5. The TerraFirmA Untouchables and the owners and operators of the 
computing resources do not accept liability for any traffic which 
originates from your character or connection and you agree to 
indemnify those groups listed from any claim arising from your 
usage, without limitation.

6. No responsibility can be accepted for game and character items, 
credits or experience points lost as a result of the game crashing.

7. Violation of any of the terms of use may result in any or all of 
the following:

   - Suspension of access to the game and its computing resources
   - Removal of your character and termination of access to the game
   - Notification to your site and/or system administrators
   - Notification to civil and/or law enforcement authorities

If you are under 18 years of age, you must obtain the consent of a 
parent or legal guardian, who has read the following notice
before you play TerraFirmA. If you do not have the consent of a 
parent or legal guardian, quit now.

Notice to parents/guardians of minors

At TerraFirmA, we encourage a polite and friendly atmosphere. 
The TerraFirmA Untouchables have no control over who logs on to
the game and no control over what players may say to each other over 
public or private communication channels on the game.  Whilst we 
discourage the use of offensive language, we cannot guarantee that 
TerraFirmA is suitable for players of any particular age.