== TerraFirmA : An Overview ============================= Updated: 07/01/2000 ==

    TerraFirmA is a Multi User Dungeon (MUD), which is the landscape for an
    interactive adventure game.  TerraFirmA is based on the theme of a world 
    enclosed by a Dome, which you enter through one of five main airlocks.  
    Within are many strange and exciting things for the newcomer to do and 

The overall aim is to achieve a total of 200,000 in quest experience and
100,000 credits, in order to make the level of Apprentice. Experience points 
can be gained by completing quests (QINFO) and by killing.  Credit is gained 
by collecting it from dead opponents, selling collected objects or by solving 
some of the mini quests which appear on the four notice boards around the 
game.  Some puzzles give experience as rewards instead of credits.  Banks 
(INFO BANK) are where you store collected credits.

In general, TerraFirmA is quite a bit different to other MUDs.  For instance, 
there are five starting points, in a rough square, the space between them being 
'policed' by two VERY strong (i.e. do NOT attack them) Droids, who 'arrest' 
Nasty or Evil players and put them in one of the jails located in Hamelin or
the village.  Hamelin is the main town and includes the Turfe Taverne, a
Bank, Hospital, Pawnbroker Store, Jail and many other things.

As a player you are mortal, i.e. you can die. There are 18 mortal levels 
(INFO LEVELS) that can be attained, the highest of which is Apprentice, your 
overall goal.  Once you have reached the level of Apprentice you MUST use 
the Morphing System (INFO MORPH) to advance through the Conclave levels and 
attain the rank of Mage; this will enable you to complete any remaining quests. 

The amount of quest experience required to reach Apprentice is always 200,000.
Likewise, the amount of credit required for this level is always 100,000.  
As new quests are added, however, the amount necessary to reach the higher 
Conclave levels changes to reflect the additional quest experience (QEXP) 
available.  Therefore, to reach the level of Mage and make any advancement 
into the Clave, you must complete ALL the quests.  When morphed, you have 
the same ratings as a Level 17 (Legend) player.  To morph back to your 
Untouchable (UT) status you must have enough experience and credit for that 

Up to level 4 (Charmer), a mortal is considered a 'novice' and will receive a 
reasonable amount of help from the Untouchables, but from level 5 (Hunter) 
upwards only minimal help is given, to keep the game in reasonable balance.  
Instead of getting kicked off (in the event of jumping in a pit), on 
TerraFirmA you are translocated to another location.  If you die (in a 
fight or otherwise) you do not get kicked off either, but simply transported 
to 'Silicon Heaven'. There are penalties for dying as well as fleeing 

Resets occur every so often in order to put mobiles (the game's
characters) and objects back to their original positions (INFO RESET). 
In the event of a reset you will lose everything you are carrying, so 
remember to sell or pit everything before a reset occurs (you will be 
given plenty of warning).  

TerraFirmA also has a system of Majick (INFO MAJICK). When you reach 
level 4 (Charmer)you will be able to cast some spells, and further spells 
become available to you at higher levels (INFO PRIVS).  To see the list of i
all spells available type SB or SPELLBOOK.  SB <spellname> will tell you
the effect of a particular spell.  (Note that not all spells listed in the 
spellbook are castable at all levels.)  Remember that Majick can help you in 
many ways!  Not only that, but mobiles can use it against you, so it's 
essential that you quickly become a skilled practitioner!

Some mobiles are more intelligent than others, and allow a certain amount of 
interaction. Some other mobiles (e.g. The Bard) are helpful and will aid 
you in questing (see INFO PET).

No quests on TerraFirmA are compulsory, so you can choose which quests you 
want to do, although you wil have to do a certain number of 'advanced' quests 
to obtain enough experience to become an Apprentice.  

The writers of TerraFirmA have spent time making the game as colourful as 
possible. If your terminal supports ANSI colour then try viewing the world 
of TerraFirmA in glorious technicolor (type COLOUR).

Type HELP for a brief list of commands, HELP <command> for detailed help. 
See also INFO and INFO BASICS for more information about the game.

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